The manuals above are my favorite reference guides that provided me with a foundation while I was in school.  These two manuals continue to be reference guides that are beneficial as I grow in my career.  On the left is The Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology:  A Resource Manual, 3rd Edition by Kenneth G. Shipley & Julie G. McAfee and on the right is Treatment Resource Manual for Speech-Language Pathology, 3rd Edition by Froma P. Roth & Colleen K. Worthington. 

I have used the Assessment book so much that I had to transfer the pages and cover over to a notebook because the book was falling apart.  The 4th edition of both manuals are published now and I am not sure of the major differences between them because I do not have those editions.  In the comment box below, feel free to let me know what you like about these manuals and if you have the newer editions what do you like about them?

Below I listed why I love both of these manuals.  Books for school are expensive, but I would highly recommend to keep these two in your resource library and not to sell these back because they are beneficial for school and career as a FutureSLP.

Free Book Preview on Google Books of the Assessment Manual: http://bit.ly/qNIpJB 

There is no free Preview for the Treatment Manual.  

*****Sidenote:  Google Books is a great resource to find free previews of textbooks and books in general.  Sometimes it provides the full preview of the entire book and then other cases it provides no preview.  It depends on the book.  Google Books provides suggestions of websites where you can find the book to buy as well.

 ~I will blog about Google Books in a Future post to allow students to understand how that can be a great free tool to use as a reference. 

Favorite Speech Language Pathology Reference Books
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